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Wild Flowers Project

Wildflowers Dance Hall
Wildflowers Dance Hall

Wild flowers is a premier event management company located in the Bahamas. They are well known for planning and organizing creative and dynamic events for a prestigious clientele. Among their clients is a high-end resort operator that frequently uses their services for special events and corporate functions of all kinds. With space availability at a premium, they approached us at All American Portable Air to find a portable cooling solution in a small, easy to transport footprint.

To facilitate moving and installing air conditioning equipment in space constrained areas, our solutions-oriented engineers designed a product that we named the Roll N' Cool. It consists of a lightweight, five-ton air conditioning unit mounted on a 3' x 5' trailer. The trailer sits on pneumatic foam filled tires, making the unit easily maneuverable by a single person. With little effort, it can be rolled and positioned in narrow spaces around tents or other structures. The Roll n' Cool also neatly fits on the lift gate of a box truck, making it simple to transport to and from the event site.

Working with the Wildflowers team, we set up an easy-to-install ducting system on the sidewalls of their tents. We installed metal collars in the tent fabric and mounting hooks for the supply and return ducts. The owner of the company was very impressed with our solution and took delivery of seven units. This time, labor, and space-saving portable air conditioner is now a popular item in our equipment inventory.

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Wild Flowers Project Specifications

Job Requirements
Duct Work
Air Conditioning
Nassau, Bahamas
1 Day
Provided 7 Portable Air Conditioners
AC Size
5 Tons
AC Style
Roll N' Cool
3 x 5 ft.