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Wedding at Barn
Wedding at Barn

When wedding bells were ringing for a noted sports figure, he and his bride chose the rustic charm of a barn wedding for their venue. Barn weddings are incredibly popular, and the best event planners in the South know they can rely on us at All American Portable Air to ensure the comfort of the guests on these special occasions.

This wedding took place during the month of June in a 5,000 ft2 barn in Bowling Green, Kentucky. One of the challenges was the structure had absolutely no insulation to preserve cooled, dry air, so we had to make sure to provide extra BTUs to keep the temperature stable and the humidity under control throughout the entire event. Since the groom was a well know player of a popular sport, and event well-attended by many family members, friends, and colleagues, we observed a heightened level of discretion to ensure that the affair remained private.

On the big day at the appointed time, we transported two portable 25-ton air conditioning units and a 100 KW portable generator to the venue, which was located about 60 miles from our Nashville office. Although it was June and very hot, we calculated that the 30,000 BTUs was ample for cooling and dehumidifying the space. We worked in close consultation with the wedding planner to direct the cool air so it circulated freely throughout the barn without creating hot spots, cold spots, or unnecessary drafts. The barn was cool and comfortable when the guests arrived to help the bride and groom celebrate the start of their new life together.

We have a great deal of experience with providing portable cooling and heating for special events and corporate affairs. Contact us today for more details.

Wedding Specifications

Job Requirements
Humidity Control
Energy Generation
Bowling Green, KY
1 Day
Provided air conditioning and power generation
Wedding needed humidity control and air conditioning in a non-insulated barn.
Energy Required
Provided Generator
50 Tons of Air Conditioning
(2) 25 ton Air Condition Units
100 KW Portable Generator