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Hard Line Tennessee Capital Building Humidity Control

One of the largest and most high-profile projects we were involved in here at All American Portable Air was the restoration of the landmark Tennessee State Capitol Building. This historic building, located in Nashville, was built in the late 19th century and is constructed completely out of granite. Modeled after a Greek Ionic temple, the second floor features vaulted archways and a large amount of decorative millwork. Air conditioning was installed during the first renovation, which took place in the 1950’s. The most recent renovation began in May 2012 and involved completely gutting the second floor while preserving the sensitive and delicate woodwork that was part of the original architecture.

Working in close partnership with the general contractor for close to one year before the actual construction began, we designed the climate and humidity control plan. We added 180 tons of air conditioning around the building and laid hundreds of feet of temporary ductwork. In the areas that contained the sensitive woodwork, we supplemented the air conditioning with portable de-humidifiers to ensure the woodwork would not expand due to excessive moisture in the air. In total, this configuration delivered 72,000 ft3 per minute of cooling power and kept the air circulating, which significantly helped stabilize the humidity at an acceptable level during the hot summer months.

For six months, this system provided a controlled environment that preserved the historic décor and allowed the construction company to complete the project according to schedule.

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Hard Line Tennessee Capital Building Humidity Control Specifications

Job Requirements
Humidity Control
Duct Work
Nashville, Tennessee
6 Months
Added 180 tons of Air Conditioning Around Building
Added Portable Dehumidifiers in Sensitive High Importance Areas
Building had very delicate woodwork that could not be allowed to expand due to humidity while remodeling.
Energy Required
72,000 ft3 / min
180 t