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Portable Spot Coolers

Spot Coolers or Portable Air Conditioner units as they are sometimes called are available for sale or can be rented on a weekly basis, monthly or even for long-term construction projects. All American Portable Air will work with your team to determine the correct portable spot coolers or portable air condition unit to meet the requirements for your job situation, as well as the voltage requirements and finding just the right size units to meet your needs. Portable AC units can be positioned in server room hot spots, data centers, commercial offices, warehouses, schools, hospitals or on manufacturing assembly lines.

Appropriate evaluation of the heat load requirements become one of the most important aspects of the service that All American Portable Air provides. Sizing the temporary portable air condition units for your problem is a very important procedure. Recommending the proper size unit, placing it properly and matching it to the existing voltage/amperage is a necessary part of your cooling comfort. That is why All American Portable Air will ask many questions when speaking to you about your portable air needs. We want to provide the very best solution to your problems. All American Portable Air, of course, can rent the equipment to you or if you prefer, we can help you with the purchase of equipment. Our company serves as a distributor of two most respected manufactures in the cooling business. Either way, American Portable Air is here to keep you cool.

Ideal For • Server Rooms • Electronic Equipment • Offices
People • Hospitals • Special Events • Military • Emergency Use

Portable Spot Cooler Catalogs

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