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Hospital photo for Brasfield Gorrie
Hospital photo for Brasfield Gorrie

A leading construction firm specializing in building and remodeling hospitals contracted with us at All American Portable Air to provide climate control for a project they were working on in Brooksville, Florida. This particular construction company is noted for its exemplary work, and they were confident that our cooling and humidity control solution would promote the high standard of workmanship they are known for.

This particular health care facility consisted of a two-story high structure with 30,000 ft2 of floor space. In a hospital environment, climate control during construction or remodeling is of paramount importance to prevent the growth and spread of mold or mildew. Once construction on the building progressed to the point where all of the doors and windows were installed, we traveled to the jobsite with our equipment.

Leveraging our many years of experience in dealing with construction-related moisture, we configured a system to adequately and efficiently dry out the building materials. We installed and ducted four 25-ton air conditioning units, which we supplemented using a series of 10 fans to keep sufficient air circulation in all areas of the building. The 1,200,000 BTUs of air conditioning power kept the temperature and humidity within a consistent range to accelerate the drying process. This allowed all the materials to dry to correct specification the construction to stay on schedule.

In total, we supported this job site for a four-month period of time during the hot summer season. Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about this project or our construction drying capabilities.

Hospital Specifications

Job Requirements
Humidity Control
Duct Work
Brooksville, Florida
9 Days
Provided Air Conditioners and Fans to move air.
New construction on a hospital building required cooling to protect from ambient humidity and high temperature.
Energy Required
1,200,000 BTU
25 ton