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5 Ton Spot Cooler
5 Ton Spot Cooler

At All American Portable Air Cooling, we used our experience and ingenuity to provide a cost-saving solution for a large manufacturer of paper and paper products. Their plant in the Nashville area operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week manufacturing corrugated board. The production line incorporates large ovens that heat up to 120 degrees and the hot air infiltrates into the surrounding area. In the summer months, with the outside air reaching temperatures of 90 degrees or higher, the ambient temperatures in proximity to the ovens warms to uncomfortable levels. For health and safety reasons, workers in the area were rotated into cooling stations every ten minutes.

Several years ago, they approached us to survey the situation. We recommended installing spot coolers. Spot coolers are portable, self-contained air conditioning units that bring down the air temperature in the immediate vicinity. We positioned low-profile units in strategic locations to cool one or two employees each. With the air blowing directly on them, the workers felt like they were transported from the tropics to the North Pole. Spot cooling lowered the air temperature by as much as 20-25 degrees, extending the time between rotations to as long as 24 minutes, more than doubling their production.

We deliver the spot coolers every year in late April or early May and pick them up in October when the outside temperatures hold at more comfortable levels. Our temporary cooling solution proved to be very cost saving by promoting the productivity while protecting the well-being of their employees.

If you have a situation that would benefit from spot cooling contact us today for an evaluation and recommendation.

Georgia Pacific Specifications

Job Requirements
Portable Cooling
Humidity Control
6 Months
Provided Spot Coolers
Workers unable to operate for longer than 10 minutes. Needed AC to cool environment.
Energy Required
12,000 BTU - 60,000 BTU
1 to 5 tons