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Emergency Planned Standby and Shutdown

As a major provider of temporary air conditioning solutions to companies throughout the Southeastern United States, at All American Portable Air we offer our complete assistance for planned facility shut downs and are also available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to provide our full support when an emergency strikes.

We have a large fleet of portable air conditioning equipment that delivers 10,000 BTUs or more of cooling power. Our experts evaluate your site then properly size the equipment to provide just the right amount of cooling based on your volume of space, occupancy, and available power. In addition to DX type systems, we also offer chilled water systems to accommodate larger applications. All of our equipment features quiet operation to allow you to conduct business in your usual manner.

Our professional field teams can set up and position portable air conditioning units in data centers, retail locations, office buildings, hospitals, manufacturing assembly lines, and other industrial settings. They start all of the equipment to ensure it is performing properly and familiarize your crew with its operation. For planned shut downs, you can count on us to be at your location at the exact time promised. If an unexpected outage occurs, we are ready to serve you on a moment’s notice. The only lead time we need is the travel time to your destination.

As an experienced company with a strong history of engineering customized cooling solutions for almost any environment, we are committed to providing total customer satisfaction. We actively maintain all of our equipment to ensure it performs effectively and reliably under all conditions. For the best price and the best service, contact us today for a consultation.

Emergency Planned Standby and Shutdown Specifications

Intended Application
Facility Shutdown
Replaced Equipment During Planned Shutdown
Industrial Applications
24 hours
Lead Time Necessary
Travel Time
Lowest BTU
Air Conditioner Types
Air to Air
Air to Water
Temperature Goal
> 80°

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Mechanical Contractors
HVAC Contractors
Office Buildings
Energy Allowable
Space being cooled