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Country Music Awards

Roll ‘N Cool Country Music Awards
Roll ‘N Cool Country Music Awards

The CMA Music Festival in Nashville is a huge, multi-day event that takes place in three different music venues and attracts almost a half a million visitors every day. One of the major advertisers erects a 3,500 sq-ft, two-story barn that hosts different events throughout the day. This venue, which accommodates between 250 and 300 people, is one of the most popular attractions and thousands of visitors are continuously being rotated in and out of the building over the course of the almost weeklong festival.

Our job at All American Portable Cooling was to keep the visitors cool and comfortable inside this barn while they were enjoying a taste of country music from some of its hottest stars. This was a major task since the CMA Music Festival took place in July under the blazing Nashville sun. With outside temperatures in the 95 to 100 degree range, we had to transform the interior of the barn into a cool oasis so those in attendance could enjoy some great music in a refreshing atmosphere.

We traveled to Nashville with one of our five-ton Roll N' Cool portable air conditioning units. This piece of equipment is the best choice for venues where space is at a premium. We ducted the system unobtrusively thorough one of the sidewalls, and it provided 60,000 BTUs of cooling power to keep the temperature and humidity inside the confined space at comfortable levels.

With our equipment in place, the producers of this event were confident that those inside the barn, both artists and guests, were kept comfortable and had a positive experience that aligned with their company image.

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Country Music Awards Specifications

Job Requirements
Humidity Controlled
Confined Spaces
Nashville, TN
1 Week
Added 5 ton Roll N' Cool
Created Duct System through side wall
Public music event needed cooling in a confined barn.
Energy Required
60,000 BTU
5 ton