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Climate Control & Spot Cooler Rentals in North Carolina

Welcome to All American Portable Air, a leading climate control specialist proudly serving all of North Carolina.  Our focus is on providing top notch customer service, competitive pricing, and quality climate control rentals.  We offer an array of options for your events, construction sites, or workplace.  

For a Free Quote on a North Carolina Spot Cooler Rental, Portable Heating Unit, Misting Fans, Dehumidifiers, or Industrial Sized Portable Generators, call us today at (877) 736-5169.  24/7 Delivery Available to Your Event or Job Site!

With over 20 years of experience, we have the knowledge and equipment to help you cool down and control your climate.  Our North Carolina climate control rentals include:

Climate Control & Spot Cooler Rentals in North Carolina

The benefits of renting a Portable Air system from All American Portable Air are vast.  In addition to enjoying cool air in the hot North Carolina summer, we can also help with humidity control, or heating during winter months.  Our applications can reduce humidity and temperature by 20%.   In construction settings, this increases productivity and longevity of workers.  With events such as weddings and other outdoor celebrations, this increases the comfort of your guests.  An all-around win for North Carolinians who enjoy a cool “mountain air” without actually hiking the Appalachian Trail.  

All American Portable Air rentals are ideal for the following NC events and applications:


Spot Cooler Rentals in North Carolina
Our friendly staff looks forward to helping you set up your portable air equipment today.  Don’t leave the success of your event or jobsite to chance. All American Portable Air is here to help, and we’ll do so efficiently and affordably.  If you still have questions regarding your Portable Air rental in North Carolina, feel free to reach out.  For a Free Quote, we can be reached at (877) 736-5169.