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All American Portable Air Supplies Portable Air Conditioning & Heating Equipment for Temporary Climate Control Needs.

All American supplies propane, natural gas, and electric heater rentals. Make up heaters or indirect fired heaters are recommended for construction heating and drying. Portable Spot Cooler Rentals - Portable Air Conditioning Rentals - Dehumidification Equipment Rental - Construction Drying - Indirect Fired Heaters Rentals - Propane Heater Rentals - Natural Gas Heater Rentals- Portable Heater Rentals - Portable Construction Heater Rentals - Industrial Heater Rentals - Electric Heater Rentals - Portable Event Heater Rentals - Fan Rentals - Blower Rentals

Typical Applications for Commercial or Industrial Climate Control including Portable Air Conditioning and Dehumidification Systems:

Computer Rooms
Water Treatment Plants
Pipe Galleries
Underground Switching Stations
Printing & Silk Screening Areas
Metalizing Houses
Food Processing Plants
Archive Storage
Grinding & Machine Shops
Ice Hockey Arenas
Warehouse & Storage Areas
Locker Rooms
Shower Rooms
Commercial Swimming Pool Facilities
US Government
Data Base & Record Storage
Health & Fitness Facilities
Therapy Rooms
Food Processing Plants
Office Buildings

Typical Applications for Portable Heating Systems:

New Construction or Retrofits
Masonry Work
Construction Drying
Ground Thawing
Concrete Pours
Emergency Service
Disaster Relief
Special Events
Military Facilities